XML/JSON Feed Of Current Tap List

Hi, I designed an app called BeoirFinder which is a mapped database of Irish pubs, restaurants etc which serve beers from Irish microbreweries. I would like the ability to attach taplists to the venue listings and it struck me that a feed from Taplist.io would be the best way to go about it. That way, each venue could use the Taplist dashboard to keep their lists up to date, which in turn could be used to update the app database.

How I would see it working is:

  • Each venue “Pairs” their account with our database backend server, the same way that the display/Rasberry Pi pairing currently works.

  • When a user looks for a taplist, the app checks in with its own server, which in turn checks the age of the current taplist it has cached. If it is considered old, the server requests a current list from Taplist.io. This means that Taplist.io does not get flogged if loads of users are all looking for the same taplist.

  • In the future, consider some form of push notification. This would be wildly useful when users are trying to track a popular beer and want to be notified the moment it goes on at their local pub.

The benefit to Taplist.io is that it will drive a lot more pubs in Ireland to utilise the system…


Thanks for the request! Just checked out your app – looks good, but I think a trip to Dublin is in order from me to fully appreciate it :slight_smile:

Added an issue to track this. Support for a public API is coming soon; I would really love to support all sorts of new ideas & mash-ups (pun 1/2 intended) through it, while keeping the core offering focused on display & data management. Will monitor this thread for any other ideas in the meantime!

It’s an exciting time to visit, and we’re got some great beers now.

I am a web dev as well as an app dev, so I am more than happy to help out in order to lighten the development load…