Who's excited for Plaato KEG?

David Heath Preview Video

The elephant in the room is Taplist.io integration?

I have 7 PK’s on the way: 6 for kegs & 1 for the Co2 tank.



I’m excited! And happy to report there is no elephant involved :).

Given my history building kegbot, it was important to design the Taplist.io platform from the outset to support third-party measurement systems. Data models, API, and artwork are all level-aware - and I’m happy to say at last one person has beta tested the support (Joe you may reveal yourself if you like :wink:

For Plaato specifically, I’d be surprised if it takes more than an hour’s work to bridge the gap from their webhook reporting interface. I slept on the kickstarter (oops) so when someone has one to test, please let me know! cheers…

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That sounds great! I’m a Plaato backer and this sounds perfect! I’ll be happy to test once I have them in hand.