Which device to use?

I just subscribed to Taplist.io yesterday and have configured my tap list on my laptop.
I’ll mount a tv (it’s about 6 years old) on the wall in my shed, what device to I need to only show my tap list?
Taplist.io shows Amazon Fire TV Stick International edition for ‘non-US customers’, I have tried emailing them with no response, what are other Aussies using?

By the numbers - the vast majority of our customers use a Fire TV device of some variation (the stick is the most popular and now is in its 3rd or 4th generation, but there are other variations like cube etc).

I’ll see what other Aussies here say, we do have a bunch using the product (not sure about forum).

Hi - in NZ and use an old Apple TV I had in the drawer. Does the trick! Best of luck

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