What I need to do this?

I need a list of what to get (without confusing myself). I thought I needed an old computer , internet connection and a monitor, What else do I really need to get a brew display working? Thanks. This could be in your FAQ area for old guys like me! I have brewed since 1971.

Great question, we can make this clearer! By far the simplest and best way to get set up is:

  1. Get a spare TV, or any monitor with an HDMI input.
  2. Get a Fire TV stick to plug into your spare TV.
  3. Follow the Fire TV setup instructions to get your stick online and linked to your account. Once you set it up, you shouldn’t have to touch the stick!

One of my original goals was to make setup simple, maintenance pain-free, and everything low cost. Give it a shot, here to help if you run into troubles! Cheers…

If I have an old flat screen tv with three cords to go to PVR can I install a conversion linkage (gizmo) to make it work?

Hmm, not sure about that! Really any TV that works with FireTV would work well, but conversion gizmos, I don’t know very well…

Fire Tv needs a HDMI insert to work right. I have three coloured cables coming out of an old flat screen colour tv bought back in the early 2000. I thought they could plug into something that has a HDMI port so the I could plug and play.

I just posted a How To on using an old Windows PC (in my case a laptop) to setup Taplist.io as a display. Give it a look, hopefully it gives you another alternative to setting this up!