Web Settings Not Working

Producer Name, Style, and ABV all show up on my web page regardless of whether the corresponding boxes are unchecked or not. I have tried toggling them on and off, and Saving Web Settings numerous times without any luck. I have also tried changing themes, etc. to see if anything like that would trigger the changes to take place but nothing seems to work. Most of the other toggles (Show Logos, Illustrations, On Deck, etc.) are working and saving properly.

One more point, I am verifying this on refreshed Live Web page on a separate browser tab, not just in the Preview window.

Thanks in advance!

Hey Clark!

Ah, are you perhaps toggling these in display settings - not web settings? Might be slightly confusing terminology, here’s the difference:

  • Web settings (/dash/web) - affects what’s shown on your hosted web page
  • Display settings (/dash/displays/appearance) - only affects what’s shown on TVs (aka Displays!)

The reason I ask is because there’s no “Show ABV” etc option in Web Settings: It’s all behind “Show advanced fields”:

If that’s the issue, I can definitely turn this into a feature request to break them out again. When we revamped web settings, we tried to cut down on ‘option overload’, since our data showed most of these were all-or-nothing for folks. Maybe we went a little too simple.


Hey, Mikey!

Thanks for the reply! I am definitely in the Web Settings. Leaving things as Show advanced fields is totally fine by me. The reason I mentioned Show ABV is that is the only one that stays visible, even after I disable the Show advanced fields.

Maybe some screenshots will help clarify a few things. This all seems to have happened fairly recently. Things were displaying as I desired (basically like they do on my TV) for several weeks, or more, on the web page but this AM, I changed some fonts and saved my Web Settings and everything seemed to go haywire.

First off, here are my currently saved Web Settings:

As you can see, Show Producer Name, Style, and Advanced fields are not checked.

But this is what shows up on my web page:

Despite my settings, the Producer, is visible below each beer name. As well, the Style and ABV are displayed after each Description.

Also, don’t be mislead by the fact that the Style, ABV and IBU are displayed at the start of each Description, I manually add that text to each Beverage’s description because I prefer it to be displayed before, rather than after, the Description. See Below:


One other item of note… the Web doesn’t seem to be honoring my carriage returns in how it displays my Description text.

Anyhow, any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


Ah! That’s very helpful - I see the issues now, thank you.

Okay, I think we’ve got this one nipped, but please give it a spin:

  • :white_check_mark: Show Producer Name and Show Style are now respected.
  • :white_check_mark: Show ABV introduced as an option.
  • :white_check_mark: You can now flip the layout order (details/description vs description/details) with the new Layout → Content Order
  • :white_check_mark: Descriptions will respect single newlines (line break) and multiple newlines (paragraph break)

Thanks for your help! Think we’ll get the beta label removed from this theme soon.

Mikey! Thank you so much! This is great! All items rectified and I really appreciate you adding the Layout Order option. Very cool! That allows me to pull the info out of the Description field on my Beverages. Would it be too much to ask you to break SRM and IBU out as separate items again. I typically only show ABV and IBU on my web page. If not, no worries. Thanks again for all the support!

No problem-o! Glad it’s working great.

Would it be too much to ask you to break SRM and IBU out as separate items again. I typically only show ABV and IBU on my web page.

Yes, this makes sense - we’ll basically “un-merge” the Show advanced fields option. This will take a little longer to test and roll out, as we will need to make sure the default for each is set correctly (depending on how the Show advanced fields value is set).

Awesome. Thank you so much! Shoot me a DM when it’s ready and I’ll gladly kick the tires for you.

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Hey, Mikey

Not at all trying to be high-maintenance… :slight_smile: but would it be possible to eventually add the Content Order to the TV settings as well. That would be awesome! Thanks!

Not at all! It’s there for the Grid theme, in fact. We’re working on eventually migrating all TVs to that theme, so, give it a shot now and tell me if there’s anything you don’t like about it!

Cool. I switched from Dense to Grid and I have two questions.

1 - Is it not possible to have glasses/kegs and logos display in Grid Theme? Not the end of the world if it isn’t just making sure it isn’t user error on my part.
2 - Would it be possible to make the Description info respect carriage returns like you did for the Web Settings?