Using Taplist on a Amazon Fire Tablet?


Got a list started yesterday for my Homebrewery, only two taps so nothing major. Hoping to add bottles etc at a later date when I’ve worked out more about what I’m doing.

The big question for me is whether the works well enough on a Amazon Fire tablet? I’m hoping to be able to display on the tablet on top of my kegerator rather than having to get a tv screen - main reason is that the kegerator will live outside.

Looks like cheap amazon tablets can be picked up on eBay but thought I’d check before wasting any cash.


I just tried it. It worked with one caveat …

I downloaded the app directly from the Amazon Appstore (no sideloading) to a 7" 8 GB 5th Generation Fire Tablet running Fire OS

The only caveat … doesn’t display full-screen. The Status Bar and Navigation Bar still appear along the top and bottom, respectively. Hopefully, someone more familiar with the Fire Tablet can help me address this.


@wbn it looks as though if you can put it into ‘Show Mode’ then it will be full screen. I think I’m going to try and pick up a HD10 so it’s the biggest one they do and go from there.

So I’ve tried this on a Fire HDX 3rd Gen and it isn’t compatible with the app. I’ve tried it online and it works full screen but doesn’t change the background image.

I’m going to swap the HDX for a 10 and see if any difference.

Hate to bring up a very old thread but can anyone confirm if taplist is full screen on a fire hd10 tablet?

It should be! At least when running the app - the app is always fullscreen on all supported devices.

Slightly more of an unknown is Amazon’s continued app store support, on older devices (several years +). While we haven’t experienced this yet, I cannot guarantee Amazon won’t one day say, “sorry, we’re not updating the software on this device any more”. But just like how apple behaves, you probably already know/expect that…