Using Taplist on a Amazon Fire Tablet?



Got a list started yesterday for my Homebrewery, only two taps so nothing major. Hoping to add bottles etc at a later date when I’ve worked out more about what I’m doing.

The big question for me is whether the works well enough on a Amazon Fire tablet? I’m hoping to be able to display on the tablet on top of my kegerator rather than having to get a tv screen - main reason is that the kegerator will live outside.

Looks like cheap amazon tablets can be picked up on eBay but thought I’d check before wasting any cash.



I just tried it. It worked with one caveat …

I downloaded the app directly from the Amazon Appstore (no sideloading) to a 7" 8 GB 5th Generation Fire Tablet running Fire OS

The only caveat … doesn’t display full-screen. The Status Bar and Navigation Bar still appear along the top and bottom, respectively. Hopefully, someone more familiar with the Fire Tablet can help me address this.



@wbn it looks as though if you can put it into ‘Show Mode’ then it will be full screen. I think I’m going to try and pick up a HD10 so it’s the biggest one they do and go from there.