Using a Tap Space for 'coming soon' Beers

Although brand new, I’ve got a suggestion. Have one of your tap listings as a beer that is fermenting or in planning. You could use an image of a fermenter in place of where the keg is on your list for beers that are ‘coming soon.’ It would be nice to configure it in a way just like the kegs to add a colored liquid content mimicking your soon to be beer/beverage. Drop down menus could have the different stages of brewing or conditioning. I’m constantly brewing and rotating beers out, it would be nice for my visitors to see what they soon could be enjoying.

What do you all think?


I’d like this too. I think it’s too messy when you have the screen scroll right just to show the whats on tap. I want to assign where it’s on-deck.

I have a horizontal layout that matches my 4 taps (1 above each tap, more or less). I’d either like the tap able to have an “ON DECK” or at least have all of the on deck show AFTER all of the taps on the bottom section.

What would be better, is to have a grid of X by X taps, where we could assign what goes to where. The automatic formatting needs some work to make things look halfway decent.