Untappd RSS Feed Support

First, I should state that as a home bar user I don’t have a ton of use for this and as far as I know it’s not an option yet. For bars/taprooms though, they may find it useful to have a scrolling ticker at the bottom of the display showing recent Untappd check-ins for that location. I know I’ve heard of this being done elsewhere and they do have an available RSS feed available for it - http://help.untappd.com/kb/using-untappd/how-can-i-get-an-rss-feed-for-venue-checkins


Fun idea - noted!

At one time I had an Untappd/Foursquare venue for my home, so it might even work decently for home users too…

Would it be possible to link Taplist to a venue API in Untappd so that I can display the feed of beer check-ins on the bottom of the taplist?

I had a hard time finding a good image of the feed in use, this is fairly close:

I did something like this on a custom tap list sign I made for a bar last year. At the bottom there is a scrolling marquee of upcoming bar events and the 10 most recent venue check-ins from Untappd. I fed the upcoming events from a google docs spreadsheet that they can edit whenever they want and used the venue RSS feed for the check-ins.

Reviving this feature request as it was just requested on r/Homebrewing. Tracking once again!

Very interested in this. Has there been any progress??

Breaking news on this topic…I just heard back from Untappd. response is below:

We are currently not accepting anymore applications for our API key, but whenever we do open it back up you can fill out a request form here: Login to Untappd. However, we do not have a timeline set for when this will be back open.

Leaving it up to interpretation…doesn’t sound like this will be coming back anytime soon. SUCKS!

That’s a bummer, but not too surprising. :sweat:

This is exactly what I was after for home. Oh well, dam shame.