Unable to add keg with iPhone/safari

Trying to add kegs and when I do, I go through the motions, click, create keg, and then it just reverts back to the previous screen.
No keg created.

Sorry you had this experience!

It looks like the new dashboard may not be showing all errors; this specific case could happen if you leave out a field, like “Style”.

Can you double check you’re filling out name, producer, and style?

Hi Mikey,

I’m a little confused. @james.pizzey is creating a keg. The beer style is associated with the beverage. You can create a new beverage without specifying a beer style. Are you saying when you return to the Keg Room and create a keg, the keg won’t be created due to the null beer style field associated with the beverage? I’m able to create a keg of beer with a null beer style. Would @james.pizzey’s issue be specific to an iPhone/Safari?


If someone here can repo with a screenshot, that would help. Thanks.

Update: We’ve got some extra logging in place that should catch this. Also, @wbn is correct - style is not required, but the Producer is. Could still be a bug - we will know shortly! - but just to tick off one more potential cause, be sure you are filling out the producer name. Thanks!

This is home brew so I wast filling in the producer and just leaving it blank.
Entering all fields has rectified this situation.

No this is happening with me too on the iPhone. Created everything, producer, names, description, images and it just disappears.

Going to try on the desktop now. But if it doesn’t work on the iPhone probably will leave me to come away from the product for awhile as it’s quick and easy to update on the move.

So it was there all along just not showing on the iPhone/Safari interface strange.

Got it - will do some extra testing on iphone / safari specifically, could easily be a browser specific thing.

Thanks for bearing with the new interface - it’s a major overhaul of the dashboard, so there are more kinks than the usual high standard of reliability… will get it sorted!

Good stuff.

I was reading this article yesterday about adding meta to sites so iPads can get sites full screen. I don’t know enough (anything!?) about code so don’t know if this is already embedded but could this work for Taplist?