Twice Before Friday

Here’s my set up. Used an old media center PC from like 2010, a wifi adapter and a monitor off Craig’s List. Mounted it to the fridge with 4 80 lb pull magnets mounted a cheap VESA mount instead of wall anchors. going to try and post a build thread at some point if I get around to it. I flip back and forth between Griddy and Jumbo quite a bit. Love the label display on Jumbo but like people to be able to see all 4 offerings when they’re making their first selection.

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Very nice! BTW, what’s going on with the white-ish border on the bottom and right? Just checking it’s not something odd with the layout…

Scroll Bars. I’m using Chrome on 16" monitor via VGA cable from a PC running Vista, and I zoomed in to like 125 or 150% IOT make the text and logos bigger and not have a good section of the screen be blank. It makes it a lot easier to read and see the logos in Griddy. In Jumbo I think I can get to 150% zoom w/o scroll bars. Not a lay out glitch on your end, just the consequences of zooming in. wouldn’t be an issue if I had a bigger screen.