Tracking time a keg is tapped

First off, Love the application! One thing we would like to keep track of is how long a keg has been on tap. You already have when the keg is created and when it is kicked. Could we have a display of the amount of time the keg was on tap. It would be the date and time from when the keg was moved to a tap number until it is moved to kicked. You already keep track of when a keg is created and when it is kicked on the details page of the keg. We would like to know how long it has been tapped so that we may decide to get another or pass on it because it took forever to kick. Thanks for your time and efforts!

Ah, that’s nice idea! We do track this date/time already, so we managed to sneak this out in today’s maintenance release. Take a look:

Menu page:

Keg detail page:

You can hover over for an exact date:



Awesome! Thanks and keep up the great work.