Tilt hydrometer onto Taplist?

Is it possible to display the readout from a Tilt hydrometer in Taplist? Seems like integrating plaato airlock, plaato keg, or tilt hydrometer would be a nice feature.

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I use two Tilt hydrometers and will soon be using four Plaato Kegs. I second the idea of displaying these measurements directly in my Taplist display. Thanks!

I would vote for that as well. I have several tilt hydrometers I use.

Definitely an upvote from me too!
Have both Plaato Keg devices and tilt hydrometers

This would be fun to support! What do you envision, an integration that updates the beverage’s OG & SG, or are you looking for graphing too?

Any integration similar to the tilt app display would be great, but the idea of interfacing the tilt or plaato monitoring (like tilt pi) into the taplist would be really cool in my opinion for home brewers.