Theme updates - June 2, 2018

Hey folks! A few theme updates today:

  • Dense: If you set neither header text nor a header image, the space reserved for the header will be freed up for the menu.
  • Dense: You can add line breaks in descriptions and they will render that way on displays.
  • Dense: Descriptions are no longer separated by a thin horizontal line; replaced with padding.
  • Dense: The grid will expand to fill all available space on the screen. (reverted due to issues)

Please let me know if you have any issues or feedback, thanks.

Dense theme update only allows one tap per page, I can fit multiple taps on Jumbo, but not on Dense anymore.

Hmm, that sounds like a problem - can you DM me your taplist URL please? Thanks!

Spoke too soon - @cajunup, the problem has been identified and reverted. Thanks for the alert!

Had the same issue, managed to mess with it till it displayed, but it axed my header in the process. Weirdness, but the list was working so thats all that matters!

Doh! Do let me know if you have any continued problems with headers or header images - should have been back to normal at the time of my last message.