The app comes to Google Play

The app is now live in the Google Play store!


Thanks to everyone who helped test.

Loaded onto a chromebook and looks pretty good when I put the app in full screen. So far no issues!

Awesome! Thanks for the feedback.

Any chance that Apple products will be included in the future??

It is not compatible with my Samsung galaxy S9+

@chifibrew yes, we’re working on an iOS app! It’s taking a bit more time than expected, but hope to get something out for beta soon.

@abellocchio85 yes, sorry about that; we’ve only tested it on large (tablet/TV) devices, so currently the Play store only offers it to those.

My device is unsupported, but this is such a great move. BTW, did you known Untapped reps are telling people this site is shutting down?

Wow! Thanks for letting me know, I guess we can cancel all of our development plans… A real shame since we’ve never been healthier.


Samsung Note 8 is shown as being incompatible?

Loading onto an old LG tablet to check it out…

Update: We’re officially live in the Google Play store!

If you’re using with Google Play, and you’re happy with, mind tossing us a friendly review there? We’ve got a reputation to build! Thanks much.

Any movement on the apple app?

You must have read my mind - working on it today, in fact! I’ll send a note here when a beta is ready - will definitely want some testers through TestFlight.

(One of the challenges with iOS is that our rendering engine needs to work quite differently. AppleTV doesn’t support WebKit - basically the browser engine under-the-hood of the Android app - and so it’s required us to take on some backend work first. But we’re almost there!)

Edit: Started a new thread for this: Coming soon: for iOS (iPad, Apple TV)

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