TaplistIO support added to TiltBridge!

Thanks to @mikey 's help, TiltBridge now supports pushing Tilt data to TaplistIO!

TiltBridge is a standalone, single-component Tilt Hydrometer-to-WiFi bridge that allows you to use your Tilt without having to station a phone, tablet, or Raspberry Pi near your fermenters at all times. The hardware is cheap, the build process is easy, and the software itself is completely free and open source.

After building a TiltBridge, setting it up with TaplistIO is simple. Log into your TaplistIO account, go to Account, then Integrations, then select Tilt Hydrometer. Copy the Webhook URL and paste it into TaplistIO URL field under “Target Settings” in the Configuration section of your TiltBridge’s web interface.

If you have questions or run into issues, post something either here or over at the HomeBrewTalk forums and let me know.

Happy Brewing!


Awesome news! Thanks @Thorrak!

We will get this documented on the main Taplist.io page. In the meantime: If you have a Tilt (BLE only), and are looking for a way to post data to Taplist.io, definitely give TiltBridge a look. It’s a cool and clever setup, and supports dispatching to multiple places at once.