Taplist.io logo & footer suggestions

Again, loving the new flexibility in Dense, but this has a few times created conflicts with the taplist.io logo. Given this is a free service I would always want to support and showcase the source, so I wouldn’t dare request the option to remove it. However, there have been a number of times where it overlays on top of the tap entries. Being able to choose what corner to place it in would be a great option.

In addition, I feel that the logo really doesn’t help ‘sell’ the service since it is a fairly generic logo. Instead I would suggest adding a footer option which then would overide the logo being displayed. Instead it would say something like ‘Powered by Taplist.io’ or ‘Menu provided by Taplist.io’. If this is done then it could also allow people to add custom prefix or suffix text or both. Thus the taplist.io credit would appear on the bottom alone, to the left OR right of custom text, or in between custom text. As an example, reminders for future events could be listed here, notification of operating hour changes/holiday closures, other promotions, etc.

Note that simply creating a footer that doesn’t overlap with the main content could also resolve the first logo issue, but I think being able to choose is better since for some layouts the taplist.io logo works with the content and allows for more of that content with the overlay (assuming ability to change what corner). Either way though, I think the logo should be updated or otherwise provide more brand recognition and the footer suggestion has value as a selectable and customization option as well even if the logo is changed.

This is great feedback, thanks for taking the time to think about and suggest it!

Will definitely play with your ideas here — I don’t love the overlapping logo either, gets in the way of an otherwise elegant list… will keep ya posted!

Def agree with Natsteff and recognize that this service is free so a Huge Thank you for making this service happen for us!!! Without it we would not be able to afford anything. We always make sure and make mention of Taplist.io when we have the chance. As well as industry related members. using “dense” has now allowed us the ability to consolidate 9 of our 10 taps to one menu. Our biggest complaint from ppl was that it changed too fast or not fast enough. We found that cutting one off was better then switching screens. As we squeeze that 10th tap in, having the option to hide it was appreciated in previous versions.

At 90% we can squeeze it in with the logo. AT 80% we can lift the beer glass image just above the logo.

Thanks for the feedback, and of course the kind words. Always great to hear the product has made a differences.

Definitely see the issue, in the short term we may just place the logo at the bottom right (affect fewer people) or top right. I don’t like either aesthetically so I’m going to try a better approach.

I forgot to follow up here about a change that went out recently: We’ve disabled the logo, at least for now, until we can do something that is tasteful & doesn’t interfere with Job Number One: making your taps look amazing.

You should now be seeing “Powered by Taplist.io” in the bottom center. Let me know if you have any feedback, cheers!

Awesome, thanks Mikey. I hope you can find a great permanent solution, still loving it and promoting it verbally and on the web!

So this powered by Taplist.io, i think it should be removable when you pay for the service. If you are a freeloader, then it should be there. Just my cents. When you are try to configure the stuff as you want it, but its still there. Dont look so good.

And it should also be able to have the weblink not exposed to the whole world. You would not open all your windows at home all the time :wink:

Hey there! For hiding the logo: We should be able to make that happen, I’m sorta surprised nobody has asked before… Stay tuned for an option!

For this, want to make sure I understand:

And it should also be able to have the weblink not exposed to the whole world. You would not open all your windows at home all the time :wink:

Are you looking for something like, password protection on the taplist.io/<name> page…?

Password protection could be one idea, but ill assume that you will need to type it in when you least expect it. So im thinking like a secret key like taplist.io/<name>/secretkey that you generate witin the settings.
So you have the option to have your site wide open or you could have it secret.