Tap keg from Beverage Database

On the Beverage Database page, is it possible to get an info box put in called “Where to go with it” or something like that? And in that a locked drop down of choices for On Tap, On Deck, Available and maybe Kicked (not sure that one is needed). That way when you enter a keg, it moves it to that designation. Then if you need to move it, there would of course need to be an option on said kegs page to do so.

Sounds like a lot of complicated coding so I understand if it isn’t on the to do list. Thanks again though, love this thing.

So basically, create a keg directly from a beverage detail page, then send it direct to a tap or the keg room? Can definitely make that happen - I think I’ve seen a request for similar, it makes sense & should be easy!


Good news, this is now done! You can try it out in the Beverage DB now, on any beverage detail page: