Spacing between tap list descriptions

I could not find this question answered in a general search, so forgive me if this is a repeat question. I am wondering if there is a way to better space my tap descriptions on the display? It seems some are just a single or double space from the description above it while others appear to be closer to 4 spaces apart. I will see if there is a way to attach a pic of my display. Thanks in advance for any advice.

Hey there! Hm, I think I understand what you’re asking, but please correct me if not.

Right now, grid theme top-aligns all content, so if there is extra space, it is left at the bottom. We could alternatively provide an option to distribute this space, I’ve sketched a quick example.

This is subjective but after some experiments, I think the “top aligned” (current) look often looks better. So another thing we could provide is a few additional spacing options: keep things top-aligned, but add some more breathing room between title and description.

Thanks for your reply Mikey. I’ve not seen the setting option you mention for ‘top align’. Is that something that I can mess around with or is that something that is set by the administrators? I can see where having the titles (i.e. the names of my biers) on the same plane, evenly aligned makes sense and looks the best, however if you’ll look at the space between the description of my Pilsener and the title of my Vienna Lager, there is “extra” space there I’d like to use, but I believe if I type a longer description for the Pilsener, it will simply push the Vienna Lager info to the next page. It seems there should be a way to sort of backspace the Vienna lager info UPWARDS, then add more text to the pilsener in order to move the Vienna Lager info back down again, therefore evening everything out again (sort of what would happen by typing a simply Word.doc. … but I think I’m probably missing something here, ha ha.

Oops…stop the bus! I’m so sorry for creating a problem where one does not exist! I just jumped in and was easily able to use the “extra space” on the screen without driving the last description to the next page. Not sure why I thought this was not possible. I guess I need to use my Taplist more often. Thanks for engaging me on this!

Hah, no worries! We are at a point with the variety of options and settings that, it can take quite a bit of fiddling and exploring to get a look that is “just right”. I’m working to improve this through a better gallery of built-in presets, and some “power user” advanced features to cover the rest… stay tuned! + enjoy