Sorting On Deck Kegs?

Is there a way to sort the “On Deck” Kegs?
it seems no matter what I do they always sort by when I added the kegs to the keg room.

Also is it possible to put an “Available On” Date field for each On Deck keg?


I was certain the sort was based on when marked on deck, but you are right it seems to be based on when added as a keg (sorted by auto-assigned keg number). If true, a simple way around that would be to introduce a new on deck sort field which is pre-fixed into the keg number for sorting purposes on display and ignored otherwise.

The Available On date field would be cool as well, but I would instead suggest temporarily adding that in the name or description fields of the beverage database rather than Mikey having to customize that. Would be a workaround for you now as well.

That’s not a bad idea! I’ll temporarily add the Available On Date to the description field. Thanks for that suggestion.

I just wish i would have known that the order of adding kegs would have made a difference in the On Deck sort. Oh well, until the feature is added ill just have to add the kegs in the correct order going forward I guess.

Great idea. Would be nice to have an option to sort by brewer as well as alphabetically too.

Is there any update on this feature request? I would really like the ability to sort the on deck kegs.

I have three taps. My current layout is to show six taps with three columns. The three taps currently on keg are sorted by tap number one, two then three. Directly below I have the three on deck kegs for what’s up next. I would like to display directly below each tap what on deck keg will be going onto the corresponding tap next.

I could work around this by adding another three “live” taps and put them on tap four, five and six. Then rename the beer to "Next: ". However, that then defeats the purpose of the on deck feature.

It would be great if we could sort the on deck taps on the board.

FYI - generalized sorting of taps is now available, see Sort Taps by Producer

However I understand we’re talking about something different here, changing ‘on deck’ order. Custom sort sounds like a nice feature for on deck but hasn’t been implemented. I’ll add it to the list!

Update: Custom sorting for On Deck kegs is now available! I will be the first to caveat it with, the user interface is what it needs to be, but it does work.

This feature is only available in the beta dashboard. Instructions:

  1. Go to Keg Room then On Deck
  2. Click on any on deck keg
  3. To override the default sort order, set the Sort order field to any number greater than zero (lower numbers will be first)

Kegs with a non-blank custom sort value will be shown before any others.

I’ll consider adding a nicer (e.g. drag-and-drop) interface down the road, which would make this much easier to manage. Hope this is at least a decent start.

@mikey great work. Thanks.

However, It currently crashes when I click the sort order. I sent a crash report.

Ah, thanks for reporting the feedback! Super helpful as that also includes the crash - found the bug very quickly, and a fix is rolling out. Cheers.