Sorting On Deck Kegs?


Is there a way to sort the “On Deck” Kegs?
it seems no matter what I do they always sort by when I added the kegs to the keg room.

Also is it possible to put an “Available On” Date field for each On Deck keg?


I was certain the sort was based on when marked on deck, but you are right it seems to be based on when added as a keg (sorted by auto-assigned keg number). If true, a simple way around that would be to introduce a new on deck sort field which is pre-fixed into the keg number for sorting purposes on display and ignored otherwise.

The Available On date field would be cool as well, but I would instead suggest temporarily adding that in the name or description fields of the beverage database rather than Mikey having to customize that. Would be a workaround for you now as well.


That’s not a bad idea! I’ll temporarily add the Available On Date to the description field. Thanks for that suggestion.

I just wish i would have known that the order of adding kegs would have made a difference in the On Deck sort. Oh well, until the feature is added ill just have to add the kegs in the correct order going forward I guess.


Great idea. Would be nice to have an option to sort by brewer as well as alphabetically too.