Sort Taps by Producer

One great option for users in retail stores would be to sort the taps by producer, so all beers of the same producer are grouped together on the display!
I have no use for the individual tap numbers, it’s just a list of what I have with their details. It’d be good if when I stock a new beer from an existing producer, they would all be grouped together on the display, instead of just at the end of the list!


Update: This is in the works! Initially, you’ll be able to sort by:

  • Beverage name
  • Producer name
  • Color/SRM
  • ABV
  • Style
  • and of course, Tap number (default)

We can add some more options, but these felt like the best starters. Watch this space…

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Great news and thanks for developing such a terrific app :grinning:

Update: This feature is now live (or in beta… within a beta!), exclusively in the new dashboard experience.

You can pick a primary sort and secondary sort:

And you have a few options for each: