Snow Option. Can We Have Other Seasons?


I love the snowflake falling option because it prevents screen burn in. Can we have an option for all seasons? Spring, summer, fall and winter? Also, I have seen in other messages a request for a pint glass as a main image and also feel that it would be a useful option.

Thank you!
Such a great app


Thanks for the kind words! I am happy to hear you like this “silly” feature :slight_smile:

Curious… what sort of animation would you have in mind for summer?


Hi Mikey,

Summer is a tough one…maybe raining hops? Thanks for the reply.



Spring…flowers, if you can add color
Fall…leaves of course.

This all works if you can do color. If not…then I’m not sure.


The people have spoken! I’ll look into it. Probably the easiest thing to do will be let y’all pick a set of emojis to override the flakes. :fallen_leaf::maple_leaf::leaves::crab:




Sports :basketball::baseball::football::ice_hockey: