Snow Option. Can We Have Other Seasons?

I love the snowflake falling option because it prevents screen burn in. Can we have an option for all seasons? Spring, summer, fall and winter? Also, I have seen in other messages a request for a pint glass as a main image and also feel that it would be a useful option.

Thank you!
Such a great app

Thanks for the kind words! I am happy to hear you like this “silly” feature :slight_smile:

Curious… what sort of animation would you have in mind for summer?

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Hi Mikey,

Summer is a tough one…maybe raining hops? Thanks for the reply.



Spring…flowers, if you can add color
Fall…leaves of course.

This all works if you can do color. If not…then I’m not sure.

The people have spoken! I’ll look into it. Probably the easiest thing to do will be let y’all pick a set of emojis to override the flakes. :fallen_leaf::maple_leaf::leaves::crab:



Sports :basketball::baseball::football::ice_hockey:

Shamrocks instead of snowflakes for St. Patty’s Day please. Thanks!! I love these animations.

Ah man, I probably need to prioritize this for that reason… I’ll look into it!

Thanks! You would score me some major brownie points with boss lady and boss man. Lol

@mikey I know this is probably over-complicating the feature a lot, but I know the people that see our on tap would LOVE it if we could hook up a zip code (or better yet, a weather station!) and the emojis were simply reflective of the current weather as an option. for example, if it’s sunny, drop some flowers, :sunflower: , if it’s cloudy, drop some :cloud: 's I’d bet some money there’s even weather API’s (free) that you could hit for a particular zip code that would even give you back some emojis /icons that are appropriate for the weather. You could use something like (very cheap, 1k free requests/day), and it even provides a nice ‘icon’ property to help automate everything! (more on that here: I have no association with them, literally just googled a couple. If you cached the weather/per/zipcode, I bet you’d almost never pass that 1k free requests/day, and worst case, .00001/day, if you extend that to every 42k zip codes in the us per year (which would be awesome if you actually had a user in every zip code!!!) you’d still end up at only $4 a day, and that would definitely be a feature you could charge a la cart when you guys start charging.


Would be kind of cool to add features based on time of day and weather. Sun when it’s sunny, rain when it’s rainy, and maybe the moon coming up as the sun goes down.

With the holiday I was thinking fireworks would be cool too.