Sneak Peak! Want to help? Try the new Beta dashboard & leave feedback


Good catch! Right now, images are not auto-deleted when unused, although that will be implemented soon. (This is the same in the ‘classic’ dashboard.) Fun fact - there are 10s of thousands of the images in use in the system :astonished:


Two small updates today:

  • You should no longer receive spurious prompts to log in again.
  • Fixed a rare crash that at least one person had reported through the crash reporter (thanks!)

Still known issues / fix coming soon: Glitchy settings preview on mobile.


I tried the new dashboard but do not see a way to add custom images to my beverages. What am I missing?


Thanks for flagging this! This feature is now working in the new dashboard. You can:

  • Upload header images (Look and Feel page)
  • Upload beverage and producer images (Beverage Database pages)

As an added bonus, the feature is now implemented as an “image picker”; so if you commonly re-use the same images, there’s no need to re-upload them.

Still to come:

  • Upload custom tap images (tap details page)


Good news!

  • Tap images can now be managed in the new dashboard (Configure tap from the Taps screen).
  • New feature: You can now browse and manage your pictures in the new Pictures section.



When logged in via mobile web on iOS:

In new experience:

I would like to change the keg on tap 3. I select end keg. All goes to plan. To add a keg to tap 3 I select the button add keg and a window displays with all my kegs.

Why is this an issue.
I have kegs in 2 places. In the old experience I have ‘availble’ and ‘on deck’ where I can select my my next keg from. In this new experience I need to remember which location the keg came from in order to maintain proper inventory. (Homebrew user, 1 laggering frezzer and 1 production freezer that feeds the taps)