Sneak Peak! Want to help? Try the new Beta dashboard & leave feedback

Good catch! Right now, images are not auto-deleted when unused, although that will be implemented soon. (This is the same in the ‘classic’ dashboard.) Fun fact - there are 10s of thousands of the images in use in the system :astonished:

Two small updates today:

  • You should no longer receive spurious prompts to log in again.
  • Fixed a rare crash that at least one person had reported through the crash reporter (thanks!)

Still known issues / fix coming soon: Glitchy settings preview on mobile.

I tried the new dashboard but do not see a way to add custom images to my beverages. What am I missing?

Thanks for flagging this! This feature is now working in the new dashboard. You can:

  • Upload header images (Look and Feel page)
  • Upload beverage and producer images (Beverage Database pages)

As an added bonus, the feature is now implemented as an “image picker”; so if you commonly re-use the same images, there’s no need to re-upload them.

Still to come:

  • Upload custom tap images (tap details page)

Good news!

  • Tap images can now be managed in the new dashboard (Configure tap from the Taps screen).
  • New feature: You can now browse and manage your pictures in the new Pictures section.
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When logged in via mobile web on iOS:

In new experience:

I would like to change the keg on tap 3. I select end keg. All goes to plan. To add a keg to tap 3 I select the button add keg and a window displays with all my kegs.

Why is this an issue.
I have kegs in 2 places. In the old experience I have ‘availble’ and ‘on deck’ where I can select my my next keg from. In this new experience I need to remember which location the keg came from in order to maintain proper inventory. (Homebrew user, 1 laggering frezzer and 1 production freezer that feeds the taps)


I was using a Amazon Firestick on my living room TV with I purchased a new Amazon fire stick to use on a new TV in my home brewery. All I get when I start the program and fire stick is on the Win.10 computer and the Fire Stick home screen on the TV. How do I pair the two so I see the list on the TV?

I love the new look, but I am having a difficult time finding where to remove beverages from the database in the new dashboard. I find myself switching back to be able to purge old beer from the database.


Why would you remove old bevs from the database?

Just creating a Cider keg today and I noticed there is no ABV options under the advanced tab. Obviously IBU etc isnt needed, but ABV is. Also, you still cannot create a keg from the beverage page so currently you go through the beverage creation process, then have to go to the kegroom to create the keg. this used to be an option right on the individual beverage page and it was a smoother workflow.

We never brew the same beer twice, so having a database full of info that will never be used again gets to be a bit of a mess really quickly especially when we are brewing 2 BBLs at a time.

Fixed! Beverage tapper will now show “on deck” status.

This has been added back, thanks for catching!

Note that you can only delete beverages which are not in use (not attached to any kegs). The typical way to resolve this has been to delete any kegs which were in use.

I’ve added a new option, “archive beverage”, which hides the beverage from list view & autosuggest. Should cut down on clutter for uses like yours - give it a try.


I saw the archive option and this thread popped right to mind, so excellent solution! I have noticed a workflow issue, which is that we still can’t make kegs from beverages, so if I cre2a new bev, I then have to tab over to the keg room to create the keg and place it on deck. This used to be done one screen using the old UI

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This is now implemented in the new dashboard.

Thanks for all the feedback, everyone!

The new dashboard is now the default experience & in the coming days the legacy dashboard will be removed completely. If you’re still using the legacy dashboard for some reason, please speak up now!

Had to use Legacy today. There doesn’t appear to be an option to delete a producer in the current UI. This is important because i have some accidentally created producers from making Kegs on the fly. eg. I had ‘20 Corners Brewing’ which is correct and has a bunch of beverages listed under that producer, and then I also had just ‘20 Corners’ which was missing the brewery logo and had no extant beverages attached to it. I have gone through and moved the bevs to the correct producer where possible, but without the ability to remove these bad producers they still show up when the page is trying to predict producers. so, I had to check which was the correct producer for the new bev i’m making. I used Legacy to delete the producer to make sure this won’t happen in the future.

As for removing legacy, I would hold off since we’re still finding niggly things here and there. I imagine there isn’t much of a drawback to keeping Legacy around, and honestly I usually manually modify the URL to get into anyway, so you could remove the links to it, and have it be there solely for emergency type situations.

Thanks for flagging this! Just added the equivalent controls to the new UI. Please give it a try!

I also filed a “merge producers” feature request, something I’ve thought about but not quite sure about demand.

True, but gotta shut 'er down sometime soon or features (and bugs and bugfixes) will continue drift… I’ll probably do that in the next week or so, so keep flagging anything you see!

(In the meantime, it’s exactly as you say - legacy is more hidden, get back by rewriting your URL.)

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