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The button responds to hover, but clicking it does not save the beverage or load a new page.

Also worth noting that I recreated the setup, but with a different beer in order to take the screenshot, and this time the button did work. The only difference was that I was force creating a new producer when I generated the issue the first time, and this time I was selecting an existing producer. Perhaps that is relevant, but it seems to have been random in the past.


I just checked, and force creating a new producer did not seem to trigger the issue.


Ok, this one triggered the error. I am creating a new producer here(Ignore that its blank, I was trying to refresh fields to see if I could get the create button to respond)


Got it! I think I know where the issue is, thanks for all the details.


Ok, this bug should be zapped. In addition, I fixed a bug with the error reporter that was preventing this error from auto-reporting.

Going forward, if you trigger a bug, you may be prompted with a dialog that will request some feedback / details about what happened. I hope this will be a rare sighting indeed :slight_smile:


Ahhhhhh! Now I get it! I assumed that all of the displays were just browser windows so I didn’t fully understand why they needed to be “registered” as displays.

Everything seems to work perfectly now. Thanks Mikey!!


Hi Mikey,

As midtown pointed out, the ability to add / remove a tap image and beverage image is gone. What’s the plan in this regard? I found the previous image logic rather confusing in terms of which image “trumped” which other image. Maybe you’re planning to simplify this?



Temporary regression - will be restored soon.

I’ve found it confusing, too! Probably explains why I’ve unintentionally broken it a few times when trying to simplify it. More to come here.


Modest update today: Look-and-Feel settings will now automatically adjust to the capabilities of the theme.

For example, if you’re still using one of the legacy/deprecated “Griddy” themes, you will only see options that the theme supports. And if the theme does not support Portrait mode, the layout option will be disabled.

Today this is primarily of historical concern, as most folks are using the flexible and featureful Dense and Jumbo themes – however it paves the way to more easily supporting addition themes. As usual, let me know if you see anything broken.

Sorting On Deck Kegs?

Hi Mikey,

Here’s what my beverages look like on the old (classic) dashboard …

You’re probably picking up on a pattern, Beverage Name / Brewer / Beverage Style 1, Beverage Name / Brewer / Beverage Style 2, Beverage Name / Brewer / Beverage Style 3, … and so on.

When I switch to the new dashboard, my beverages look like this …

The Beverage Name, Brewer and Beverage Style are correct corresponding to the first Beverage displayed (doesn’t matter which Beverage you display first). However, in displaying subsequent Beverages, only the Beverage Name is updated. The Brewer and Beverage Style reflect the previously displayed Beverage. In the screens (above), the Beverage Name, Brewer and Beverage Style for Beverage 1 are correct. However, for Beverage 2, the Brewer and Beverage Style corresponding to Beverage 1 are displayed. For Beverage 3, the Brewer and Beverage Style corresponding to Beverage 2 are displayed. And so on.



Griddy 2.0 displays ABV, SRM, IBU, OG and FG, yet no Options to enable / disable these fields.

I’m not sure “Striped” is applicable in that Griddy 2.0 is striped by definition, correct?



I’d really like to see a “Dense 2.0” built-in theme that supports 12 taps per page with “Show kegs” set. The keg image is simply too big with the existing “Dense” built-in theme. With “Show kegs” set, the “Dense” built-in theme is no longer dense. Actually, it’s rather “Sparse”. You only get 6 taps per page. This can be a stop-gap until which time as we can Build, Customize and Share Themes.



Thanks for the eyeball, Joe!

Yikes, great catch! Nasty bug - the fix should be out now, thanks for all the detail.

Griddy never had the option to turn these on/off; they just appear when the values are present. So this is, for better or worse, the right way.

Hear you loud and clear - tho, we should let’s keep this thread on the topic of bugs and dashboard features.

It would definitely be helpful separately for folks to start compiling ideas & sketches of themes and layouts they’d like to see, esp as I work towards opening up the theme engine. I’ve just repurposed a disused category for this. Check it out: Theme Ideas

thanks again!

Dense 2.0 (built-in) Theme

“Look and Feel” appears to be disabled on the Beta dashboard. I ran into this yesterday. I thought Mikey might be working on it. It’s still unresponsive this morning. Graphically, “Look and Feel” appears correct. However, the various menu options (Layout, Text, …) are non-responsive. I can’t make selections in drop-down menus. I can’t enter text. I can’t select / deselect check boxes.