Sneak Peak! Want to help? Try the new Beta dashboard & leave feedback

The dashboard is undergoing a major rewrite, and we’re ready for you to give it an early look. Would you like to pitch in and hunt bugs? Read on!

What’s new?

The new dashboard packs a bunch of a modest new features, including:

  • A revamped beverage tapper. You can now enter “advanced” information when creating new beverages.
  • A revamped Look and Feel settings page. Settings are now better organized and collapsible by group.
  • Quick actions in the Keg Room to move, edit, or connect kegs directly.
  • Quick search in the Beverage Database to jump straight to a beverage.

But more than these features, the new dashboard is a complete rewrite in a new framework that should make it easier and faster to support new features. In other words, the most important thing is that it does everything you’re used to, just as well if not better.

How do I opt-in or opt-out?

It’s easy!

  • To try the new dashboard, replace /dashboard/ in your browser address bar with /dash/. Here’s a quick link to the beta dashboard:
  • To go back to the normal dashboard, just switch back. Here’s the normal dashboard:

Note that you may be asked to log in again when switching to the new dashboard. This is expected.

How can I help?

Give it a spin, and please leave your feedback here: The good, the bad, and the ugly. I’ll keep this post up-to-date with known issues and their resolutions.

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Looking good , but won’t let me save any changes in the beverage database room

cheer Danny

Much prefer the look and feel of the new beta.

However it doesn’t seem possible to link to and edit the Producer via the Beverage DB.

I appreciate the feedback! I’ll look into these bugs, sound legit!

Yep, same here; I can’t save my tap once I create it.

You’re definitely on the right track with these improvements. Cool!

The beverage database is missing “add a new beverage”

Also, I should be able to “add a keg” while in the Keg room.

I have a fundamental problem for both dashboard and dash. I’m using Dense Layout with 4 columns. It shows correctly on the preview, but my actual site always shows only one column (as if I was stuck on Griddy 2.0). I’ve checked this on several computers, all with large monitors and fully updated Chrome.

FWIW, I also never get snow, although not a big issue.

If you’re looking at it just through a normal browser, that’s intentional (and a common source of confusion). See more here:

Thanks for the report (and feedback!). Would you be able to share or DM a screenshot of the place things are getting stuck?

the new UI is also still missing the option to add images. I keep intending to test the new version but I have to use the old version to get my stuff entered correctly. Still love the improvements though!

Sure, Mikey.

Screenshot one is from “dash.” 1, 2, and 3 are the clicks I make. I try to make a “test” keg and there is no “save” or “create” button to press.

HOWEVER, if I start typing in a previous keg (screenshot 2) I get the button

. . . .And now that I’ve gon to all the trouble of typing all this, I see my error (or perhaps an area for improvement?). When type in a new beverage and press the tab key, I’m looking for a “save” or “create” button. But if I just start typing and DO NOT hit the tab key, there is clearly a dropdown there that says “create” which, when pressed, gives me the ability to edit and save. Cool! dash3

Ah thanks! Now I understand what’s going on. Sounds like we need some visual feedback / progress bar while it tries to autocomplete, which is the delay.

Wow! Thanks for all the work on this!

Adding a new beer seems pretty complex now. I went to add a new beer and had to do it through what’s on tap rather than the beverage room. Isn’t there a button “add beverage” or something in the old setup?

Thanks for the feedback everyone! Just pushed out a few updates:

  • Beverage Database
    • Producers are editable again.
    • You’ll now see beverages and producers side-by-side.
      • Beta-dashboard-only improvement: these lists are sorted by “most recently edited”
    • Added Create a Beverage button
  • Keg Room
    • Added Create a Keg button

I also released one not-so-hidden feature / easter egg along with it. Enjoy :wink:

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The new dashboard looks great!

The issue I’m currently seeing is that the background images don’t seem to show up anywhere but in preview mode. Is this feature not fully implemented yet?

Can you try reloading your display? It should show up automatically.

I have tried. Many times. The URL for my tap list page is:

Take a look - it should be a wood panel background. I’ve tried switching it to other backgrounds but it just never seems to work for me.


@lawrence.gabe see upthread, sounds like this may be your issue:

I’m still having issues creating beverages in the new dash. Filled out all the usual information and the ‘create’ button is unresponsive. I’ve switched to Vivaldi (was previously using chrome, but Vivaldi is based on chrome too) so if its browser dependent its an issue with the chrome code base.

Ah, bummer! Would you mind screenshotting the place where you’re getting stuck?