Small feature changes

Just noting some some small improvements, recently pushed:

1. Keg Room: ‘On deck’ merged with ‘Available’

Previously, there were separate tabs for “On deck” and “Available” in the Keg Room. These have merged: now everything shows up in “Available”, with “On deck” kegs showing up first.

I think of the “Available” part of the keg room like “cold storage”: stuff that’s ready to be connected.

2. New “Images” section

You can now manage images from the dashboard:

While things aren’t crazy right now, images are hosted through a very fast CDN (content delivery network) in order to render quickly; at some point, we may need to limit how many images you can have. So here’s a central place where you can see / manage / delete any image.

I know these aren’t the sexiest or coolest new features… but as usual, feedback is welcome!


Loving the changes here, thanks!