Show Snow Crashes

Snow Crashes the portrait layout after like 15 mins

Hmm - not seeing this in our
logs. Can you describe how it “crashes”? (Could mean different things.)

HI mikey. Im wondering if the video is on like a loop or something and at the end of it the app just closes.

No, shouldn’t be anything like that. It’s extremely rare for the app to close for any reason, let alone a repeatable one, so we definitely want to dig in. (Sometimes it ends up being something equally rare, like a hardware issue).

Can you send a bugreport from within the app (at any time - doesn’t have to be immediately before/after the crash) so we can see a little bit more about the device?

Sure just give me instruction on how to get you the bug report

Thanks! Press the Menu button on the Fire TV remote, then “send bugreport”

Just sent it Done! Jay