Show remaining volume text on TV displays

Could it be an idea that it show remaining liters on keg below the image of the keg?

Liters remaining on keg on display would be awesome.


On it! We’ve now got this on the web menus (look in web settings); just takes a little more care to add a new field to the TV menus & ensure we’re not breaking the layout. Stay tuned!

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Hi Mikey

Any progress?

Br Frode

Hi Mikey - any progress on this?

Where in web settings do I find this option?

Br Frode

Just another +1 for this feature - I found taplist because of the platos but fell in love with the look of the different glassware, so would love the menu to have the percentage under the glass since the glasses don’t (and I agree shouldn’t) drain like the keg animation does.


Great feedback Bret, thank you! It’s nice to hear that glassware made the difference — the designer we worked with has been great.

For the original request here: I’m stepping this up & should have it released next week. (Weekends are the most active time on Taplist.up, so avoiding doing it today!)

Along with Tilt support and some improvements to Plaato sync, it’s shaping up to be a fun batch of new features. Real soon now!

Fresh out of the test lab, here’s how this feature is shaping up!

Option 1: Show remaining volume as a percentage:

Or show it as liters or gallons:

And lastly (and my current favorite), show volume as a meter:

Let me know what you think!

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I agree with the meter being great! I also like the percentages, but not so much the liters/gallons (although pints remaining might be cool :grinning:).

Great job mikey.

Agree with you; volume on meter was great.

Br Frode

I’m a fan of the meter.

Spitballing here… but could it possibly tell you how many beers are left? Averaging 12-16oz pours? (or better yet, can it pull the pour history for an avg?)

If I know a corny will give me roughly 40 pints (5gal) then maybe just have the formula give you (8 x remaining gallons?) to tell you how many more beers you have?

If I’m planning on a party, it would be awesome to see that I have 10-15 beers left vs just a volume meter

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Awesome ideas, everyone!

I think what we’ll do is add a configurable “serving size” to the beverage/keg, and let you show remaining servings. That should nicely handle not only unit preferences (pints vs liters, etc) but also allow for size variation too (how many 8oz barleywine pours are left).


That’s smart. I guess I wont be pouring many 16oz of my 11% imperial stout… lol

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Awesome!! Any chance the “serving size” can be displayed as well? e.g. “11 8oz Servings remaining” vs. “11 Servings remaining”

OK, first version of this is now available - Grid theme only. Give it a spin!

Any chance the “serving size” can be displayed as well? e.g. “11 8oz Servings remaining” vs. “11 Servings remaining”

Yes, we can do that. (“servings left” didn’t make the cut for this first release, but we’ll add that next.)



How come I don’t have same menu? I can’t find “show remaining volume” under Dashboard / Display/ Options


Grid theme only (as above) - we are testing it there first.

Can you see if you can achieve the look you want with Grid? It’s evolved a bit.

Hi Mikey,

How do you get to Grid theme? I only have Homebrew and Classic.


Hey Mark! Ah, you must be talking about Web settings. The themes for TV and Web, though similar in nature, are different theme sets - and this was only rolled out for the Grid TV theme.

Good news, though: Similar support is now available in both Web themes. Check it out!

Is there a way to show “On Deck” brews as Glassware instead of Kegs and I’m just not seeing it? From what I can figure out, only “tapped” kegs can be shown as glassware. Thanks – love all the new features you’re adding!!