Setting up a raspberry pi kiosk

I just want to throw this out there, I have been using for a bit now, and I love it. But one HUGE issue I have with my taplist running of a pi is that when ever my pi reboots, I get that stupid “Restore pages” prompt in chromium. Well, if you followed for setting up your rpi, you need to remove the auto start setup from that

rm -rf ~/.config/autostart/

And then use this blog to set up your kiosk it works perfect, I use it on my brewpi as well to display the temps. I can pull the plug on my taplist pi and plug it back in, no “restore pages” prompt. And if your like me, I don’t have a mouse and keyboard plugged in, so its a huge pain in the ass when it comes up.

hope this helps!


That’s a great tip! I’ll get the official instructions updated with these pointers, thanks for sharing!


Hi Dotps1 , do you have brewpi and taplist showing at the same time ? Split screen ? Cheers :grin: