Set Keg type when creating keg

I was just creating a couple of beverages. as soon as i’m done that I hit the button to create a keg, and I get the pop up asking where I want to create it, with a drop down menu.

when doing that is it possible for the system to ask you what type of keg in a second drop down? I know the current process to then go to the keg room, then edit the beverage, then hit the drop down, then save, isn’t particularly hard, but it is a bit time consuming.

Another useful option for this would be either in the beverage itself as “default keg size” or perhaps even look and feel for brewery default size?

Once again Mikey, thanks for this great service

Great suggestion - this wouldn’t be complicated to support. I’ll keep this thread open for it, cheers!

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I was hoping that would be an easy fix

First post on here just to say I would really like this feature! All my kegs are corny’s and I need to manually change each newly created keg to corny. Can’t wait for this QoL update ;). Keep us posted!


Check it out! This is now implemented:

And the last used keg size will be remembered on that browser when tapping again. Enjoy!

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Awesome sauce, that was quick! I’m looking forward to using it

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Awesome! Just shout if you have any feedback. Also, forgot to attach a second screenshot. This one shows the UI when creating a keg directly from a beverage detail page:

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