Separate Timers for On Tap & On Deck

I keep my monitor directly above my (3) tap handles and pretty much want it to show what’s on tap 75% of the time. But I do like to automatically toggle to On Deck still. It would be great if I could set it to display On Tap for about 15 seconds, then On Deck for only 3-4 seconds.

This is a fair idea! We are almost ready to support “Bottles & Cans” as first-class concepts, and the work to do that (separate menus) would support this nicely. Shall track!

Would it be possible to have a separate area at the bottom that scrolls while keeping the main taps on display?

A bottles and cans would be awesome! I also like the idea of being able to shorten the on deck page as usually there isn’t as much info on it.