Section Headers and Shared/Example Menu Designs?

Hello All - been using Taplist for a while, but new to the forum. I have 2 questions and hoping you can help:

Is there a way to see when releases are scheduled (or even when they are completed)? I am interested in the Section Headers post from December, that says its coming out in the next big release, but I haven’t been able to find anything that says if its out or if its scheduled to release?

Also - is there a place where people have shared their menu layouts? Interested to see what others have done, so that hopefully I can make my menu more visually appealing.


This is a great point - we’ve been meaning to do a little newsletter & archives, as there is quite a lot of new stuff going in. Look out for this soon.

As to section headers - we’ve released this for our Pro accounts (they do get some perks first), and will be rolling out to Hobby tier soon. Estimate the next few days.

I’d love to see more of this, too! Right now there’s not a central catalog; I’m definitely open to ideas for e.g. using the forums for this.