Saving "Look and Feel" doesn't update display

When attempting to make changes to the look and feel saving appears to have no effect. I’m noticing that after I change the settings that the page does some sort of POST request on a timer to “”, which is failing with a 403 response. That same POST request is failing after I hit “save” for the page as well.

Once making changes I can refresh my list but I don’t see anything changing at all.

Sorry for the trouble. Don’t have a smoking gun but might have found the issue. In the meantime, can you describe your display a bit more? How is it running: Through the app, as a generic browser display, or something else?

I’m viewing it via Chrome on my PC.

Looks like I’m having the same issue. I don’t think Dense is working correctly, it displayed as griddy when updating.

Hey folks! We found an issue with the “Look & Feel” configuration screen, where you’d see some ping-ponging between different layouts. Ick! A fix for this has been pushed, please holler back if you see further issues.

The “look and feel” page is updating, but if I follow the link to my actual tap list it is not updating at all. In fact, it’s stuck on a “semi-complete” Griddy theme as it is missing some elements.

Same here, Look and Feel is showing what I’m asking for, my actual taplist is not showing any updates to it.

Same problem here, restarting the raspberry pi needs to happen for it to refresh

Same problem here not updating at all, even on refresh. Using Chrome and Ipad

Hey folks, sorry for the confusion. This is probably the result of some new changes we are still testing out.

Long story short, there are now two different ways to show off your taps:

  1. As a linked “Display”, for example by using the Fire TV display app or a regular browser.
  2. As a desktop/mobile webpage, in any browser at

Desktop mode does not behave exactly the same as a display. Bear in mind the following limitations:

  • Desktop mode does not auto-refresh.
    • Unfortunately, this is a change we had to make for performance reasons. We may revise it later.
  • Desktop mode not use the theme (eg Dense vs Jumbo), however it does use other look and feel settings like font and colors.
    • The themes are designed for TV-sized displays and don’t translate well to desktop and mobile, and would be difficult for us to support right now.
    • In the future we may add a “show using TV theme anyway” button or toggle when visiting from Desktop.

If you’re definitely using a Display, and you’re finding that look and feel settings or tap changes don’t auto-update the Display, that would be a bug. Let me know your venue name (here or DM) and we can look into it.

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Hi Mikey, my display link doesn’t change no matter what I do.

Here’s the link:

I’d like to go back to using dense, but it seems to be stuck on griddy, and won’t change even though the preview page shows it changing.


Hey @jeremiahbwhite - Hmm, everything looks normal from this side.

Just to be clear, are you talking about what you’re seeing on your webpage, or on the display itself? I took a look in our debug console and your display is configured for the Dense theme. The web page will definitely look a bit different, see the explanation here for a bit more.

Hi Mikey, I’m having the same problem. I get everything to look just right in “Look and Feel”, then go to my page: and background images are not there, no header images, etc. Strangely though, the font color has stayed the same.

It’s the same as above, see this help center article explaining the difference.