Roku support in the future?

Is there any plans for an app for the Roku?

Unfortunately, not at this time.

Though you’re not the first to ask, there hasn’t been much demand. Moreover as far as I can tell, the Roku dev platform doesn’t have the necessary features (webkit/webview) to make it work. Sorry!

Any chance that we could see roku support? It’s been three years since this was asked so I figured roku may have the needed requirements to make it work by now. There are so many cheap roku TVs out there these days, this would be huge.

No plans right now unfortunately - just don’t have the development & support bandwidth to add another platform.

Will re-review before too long. It turns out the probably similar work to support AppleTV could make Roku possible.

My monitor / TV and a potential commercial customer’s TVs are Ruko enabled. Hopefully plans are in the near future.

We’re giving it a fresh look! It’s a couple features down the roadmap, but coming up soon. Stay tuned here (and others, please vote or chime in here if you’re also interested, helps us keep pulse of demand.)


Any updates on the Roku support? This is the only thing keeping me from getting a paid Taplist account. Many new smart TVs are Roku enabled (most of mine are).

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Great news: We’ve got a working Roku app now! We’re just starting a closed beta, if you’d like to join please register and follow along here: Beta Announcement: comes to Roku!

Hi there. I’m interested in beta testing the roku