Rename your URL


Currently the name of your URL (like is auto assigned during signup. We’d like to make this editable/changeable.

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I would like to have this functionality!


Not sure if this is the same or different but create secondary URLs to display the same info in different configurations. I know you can toggle between the display types for a given display device but I’m only using the web-browser display. What I’d love is to be able to have different URLs that display the same information but in different ways. I love running scrolling Jumbo on my kegerator because folks can really see the label art at that size, but I’d love to use griddy on a tablet or laptop upstairs/on the patio as more of my beer list. IDK if thats making sense but basically the kegerator/Jumbo would be my Chalkboard and the secondary device/griddy would be my beer list/menu like you might get at a bar. Becaus the chalkboard is cool but sometimes you just want a bunch of text right in front of you.


I would like to see that functionality added as well!


Has this happened yet?


looks like you can already…


can you provide a link? I thought you could but then I couldn’t find anything when I was looking


There must have been one in the past, Twice Before Friday has a custom url and I haven’t seen anything to change mine. The option must have been take out at some point.


Yes, this is a legacy feature: A long time ago, folks could change their venue URLs. I guess you could say folks with a custom URL are some of the earliest testers!

It should be back soon.


Like mikey said I was one of the first folks on here and that was part of the start-up/account creation processes. I didn’t know it had since changed, which is way I was so confused by your comment. Makes sense now.


I would LOVE to see this feature make its way back!


Is it soon yet? :grin:

I would like to see this back as well…


Hate to bring up an old post, but has this been implemented? I’d also love to see it back.


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