Removing header image from free account

Last time I logged onto my account I selected the option to change my header to something fall themed (pumpkins!). Now that I’ve selected a free account there is no option to remove the header or insert a generic one. Anyone else experience this or are there plans to put a stock image into the header menu?


  • David

Hey David, sorry for the slow response - I somehow missed this thread.

You’re caught in a sort of limbo; since legacy accounts are “plan-less” they don’t have header image management features… delete being one of those :man_facepalming:

Shoot me a note with your list URL and I can remove the fall themed image for you.

No worries!

I was able to remove the header a couple days ago. I didn’t know if there was a plan to include stock images to replace the header but my current problem is now solved. Thanks!


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