[RELEASED] Taplist.io for iOS (iPad, Apple TV)

@mikey I have downloaded the TestFlight app and have taplist downloaded in it but cannot get it to do anything on my iPad. It’s a newer device so that shouldn’t be the problem. Is there an extra step or something I am not pressing to get it onto the iPad?

I enrolled in the beta recently, AppleTV seems to still be supported but IPad app says that the Beta has expired. I was using the app on try iPad Pro last week. I love it, I’m hoping that you bring the iPad app back. Love having it on the AppleTV my wife doesn’t like that the tv is now on 24/7 but she will get used to it :).

@mikey the iPad app says expired and test flight says that the app is tvOS only. Is it coming back for iPad?

Oh no! It looks like we forgot to click “publish” in the iOS app store :man_facepalming: — we will get this fixed.

Expect it may take a day or two, depending on app store approval times. And then the beta will be officially concluded! Stay tuned.

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Thanks @mikey appreciate the response. Looking forward to it coming back up. :slight_smile:

Still not up and running?

Just waiting for the powers that be @ Apple to approve! It will be available in TestFlight immediately after; app store likely a few days behind.

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Has this disappeared? Maybe the 90 days expired and a new build needs to be pushed?

It appears so - we’ve pushed a new build, and will get the official app store release resolved as this has been pretty stabled in test!

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Any plans to have this in iPhone?

Any plans for Ipads as well? I see its available on tv only right now

Yes, I was using it on iPad back in April, but having finally got some more taps I’ve just fired it up and there’s no build on TestFlight or on the App Store that I can see :frowning:

What’s the current status @mikey ?

Hey @graemef - sigh, sorry for this again.

Status: We’ve seen pretty mixed results with the iPad app. Not a lot of usage in comparison to the others, but moreover it has one specific UI challenge causing a poor experience: Rotations.

Normally when you rotate an iPad app, you expect the UI to instantly update (eg from portrait to landscape). However because of the way our rendering pipeline works, this is something that, at least currently, needs to be changed server-side. After all, most people hang a TV once and don’t rotate it. Net-net, I’m a bit worried that releasing this to the general public as-is might cause more negative experiences than happy ones.

I know we can resolve this, it’s just taken a lower priority to some other things. I’ll get it relisted today in the meantime - thanks for sticking it out!

No worries, and thanks for the update! To be honest I think there’s a lot of mileage in the web display, and I’ve been using that in Safari on the iPad in the meantime. If you could make that installable as an app (so it runs full screen, which I believe you can do with some kind of manifest, I managed it once!) then the time might be better spent making that responsive to different screen shapes and sizes. Just my thoughts :slight_smile:

That’s not a bad idea! Will give that a look first, cheers!

Is this no longer working? I’ve tried to use an iPad that could previously display Taplist via the TestFlight app but it says it is no longer accepting testers.

Sorry for the interruption. We’ve got the release uploaded to Apple & now just waiting for them to approve. Might be another day or two given the holidays (their review times can be unpredictable).

Thank you! I’ll try again soon.

Yes, getting the same error. Hopefully back soon!