Red color on keg when below 5%

New User here, and this might already be on here, but i can`t find anything about it.
Would love the feature that when a keg drops below a certain amount of level (for plato keg users), lets say below 5% left in the keg, that the keg automaticly turns red on the displays/web page. That way it is given an extra indicatior thats it running low. I know the feature with amount left is there, but a color would be way cooler.

We can look into this! I’m curious how much demand there is, so I’ll leave it open here to track interest.

I think this option would be a good addition, especially for commercial use.

I like the “remaining volume” indicator… it has the potential to inform customers that a beer may soon not be available (aka get you some now!). Having the level indicator turn red below a set threshold would be a great emphasis.

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Any thoughts on what threshold you’d want to trigger this at? Thinking we’d build that in rather than make an addition option (just a general goal - avoid option overload).

Edit: Oh, noting I saw OP’s original proposal of 5%, which would be easy.

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Difficult question to answer, lol.

For the average bar or restaurant which may only have only one keg of each brand, an automatic trigger at a set percentage would be great. I think 5% would actually be low, as that would be only 6 pours left on a 1/2 keg or 2 pours left on a sixtel. My thought would be 15-20%. Maybe a user input field?

For a brewery such as myself, the ability to MANUALLY change the color at any remaining volume would probably be more useful. Regardless of how many kegs were on hand, the color could be manually turned red when the last keg is tapped (even at 100%).

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