Realtime plaato keg information on Raspberry Pi Displays

Loving the ability to use a Raspberry Pi + touchscreen as a display on top of my Kegerator. Plaato integration is a great feature.

However, one of the main uses of the plaato keg system is to monitor keg levels. The problem with the taplist integration is the delay between pouring and the display of plaato keg levels on screen.

Would be great if the plaato keg display option had a way to update the levels in realtime, as you pour, similar to the actual Plaato app.

We definitely wish it could be faster, too!

Unfortunately - there’s no ‘realtime’ feed available from Plaato, so we have to poll it as fast as we can. That works out to approx once every 6-10 minutes, due to a variety of constraints.

We’re investing adding a “sync now” button which you could manually tap to jump the line; it’s not the ideal solution, but might mitigate a bit. Will leave this open to track.

Hi all - I cannot see Plaato keg volume levels for the Dense display theme. Has it been moved or simply missing? I can still see it using the Grid theme, but the option to display does not appear under Options in Dense theme. Taps are set up correctly as far as I can see (and as I mention the volume does display under Grid theme. TIA

Sorry should also say keg levels seem to be working graphically - just can’t see option for volume display (eg. % remaining / litres remaining) - cheers