Reactivating after every reboot


I have my taplist set up on a raspberrypi, and it works and looks great. My only problem is anytime there is a power outage or any other reason that I have to reboot the device, it requires me to re activate it. Is this normal or is there something I can do to fix it so that it will just load the taplist back up without me having to go to a computer and entering the activation code.



Hmmm, that’s not normal. I wonder, is the raspberry pi’s clock set correctly? It’s possible that the clock is wrong, causing the display’s access code to expire.

I found this thread which might be of some help, otherwise we will have to see if anyone else here has ideas:


are you maybe using -kiosk mode in chrome? that would cause that. you need the cookies.


I am using the kiosk mode. I didn’t know that that would disable cookies, but that makes sense. Thanks.


Oh, I didn’t know that about kiosk mode! Would you recommend I remove --kiosk from the RPi setup instructions? I don’t remember if there is other merit to using kiosk mode…


sorry, I was thinking of --incognito switch, because that will fix the “restore tabs” pop-up, but that will not use cookies. The --kiosk mode just does full screen.


So I checked and the time issue is not a problem, it’s syncing just fine and is accurate. I also white-listed cookies for so it should be getting cookies. But the issue still remains.