Raspberry Pi and FullPageOS

FYI … for those interested in a Raspberry Pi setup, I just tried using the FullPageOS distribution (https://github.com/guysoft/FullPageOS) to display a single webpage in full screen. Downloaded http://docstech.net/FullPageOS/2016-07-20_2016-05-27-fullpageos-jessie-lite-0.7.0.zip, unziped, burned image to SD card, remounted SD card on PC, modified the URL in fullpageos.txt to “https://www.taplist.io/display”, ejected SD card, mounted SD card in to rpi, plugged rpi into the network and powered it up. Booted right up to the activate screen.

You can also edit the fullpageos-network.txt file to setup our wifi access if your not plugging directly into the network.


I really like this suggestion as it streamlines the initial setup, but found that FullPageOS actually boots slower and runs slower on the Raspberry Pi Zero W when compared to the standard Raspbian distribution. It’s nice that the desktop load is hidden, but unfortunately it’s just too slow overall.

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