Projecting taplist for Halloween

I am setting up our 10 tap club bar in my driveway for Halloween. I have a pocked LED projector coming in from Amazon (Optima IntelliGo-S1). The projector has WiFi and Android 4.4 built in. My hope is I will be able to download and install the directly on the projector. It sounds like the only store it has is the Aptoid Store however. Apparently a lot of media devices use it as their app store. I ordered a Firestick just in case since Halloween is just a week away. Anybody had success with one of the pico or pocket projectors? I have it running on my phone and a tablet right now. Looks great

Hey @t-brewer! Halloween is my favorite holiday & I know the last minute supply rush. Usually it’s fog juice I’m missing. We will get you sorted!

Have you seen the HOWTO here about sideloading? While you wait for your stick, this might be worth a shot.

Having said that, I would definitely go with the stick if you get it in time — it’s just a “known quantity”, very stable, and you definitely don’t want any unplanned surprises on halloween night! Especially with 10 taps in action. (Where did you say we should trick-or-treat, again…?) :wink:


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I got the IntelliGO-S1 projector in. Played around with it for awhile and was going to try to sideload the apk but then my Firestick came in. I had the taplist up in 5 minutes. Looks fantastic. Now I need to build a rear projection screen for it and we will be set. I may even have the tablet on the bar and the projector list up high. Is there anyway to have a background image instead of a color?

Halloween is my favorite too. We are in North San Diego County. Been pouring from the driveway for many years now. Halloween has really grown in our neighborhood the last few years :slight_smile: