Producer name not turning off

I seem to have a problem with discrepancies between what the ‘Look and Feel’ is telling me and how it shows up on my display screen. I have deselected ‘Show producer’ on the Look and Feel tick-box, but the producer name is still showing up on the display. As all my beers are made by me I do not need to show a producer name.The other thing I have noticed is that the Look and Feel is showing ABV, SRM, IBU, OG, FG in a column to the right of the beer name, but on the display screen this information appears in one line under the beer name. I’m pretty certain these discrepancies between the Look and Feel and the final display were not occurring until the “On deck text” change - which I think was a good move by the way.

Hi Charles! This should be resolved now. Can you confirm?

Works great now. Many thanks.