Problem with look and feel edits: Form verification failed

Any time I edit any portion of look and feel and hit save, I receive the following error. Form verification failed.
Something unexpected occurred; this error has been reported and we will look at it soon. I have tried removing the header, and changing various elements one at a time. It appears that nothing can be changed at all at this point.

Can I get some help on this? Not sure how to remedy it.

Hi Michael,

I’m not seeing a widespread issue here, nonetheless you should not be getting this error. Some questions and troubleshooting suggestions:

  • Do you have open in more than one browser tab/window when this happens? (That should be OK, but if you see it with only one window open, that can help me narrow down the problem.)
  • Can you try clearing your cookies? Alternatively, you could try working on your list in an incognito tab.