Portrait mode for displays

Make vertical layouts possible.

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Where are we at with this feature? I like my rpi display to be portrait style.

I guess I can go back to landscape if I have to. Just got used to raspberry pints in portrait mode. But this is so much better I could make it work!

Probably the #1 requested feature at this point - working on some theme updates (along with resolving the griddy issues), stay tuned!

Update: At long last, support for rotation is now available, in beta form!

To use, go to your displays dashboard, select your display, and set its orientation as appropriate. Your display will auto-update within a few seconds.

Current limitations:

  • Layouts have not yet been optimized for portrait mode (there is no “1x8” layout… yet!)
  • This only works for “real” displays, not the default “anonymous” web page.
    • You can turn any web browser a display by navigating it to “/display” and linking it. Incidentally this is exactly how the Raspberry Pi support works.
  • There are occasional glitches when re-rendering (i.e. when you change kegs or update settings). If this happens, workaround is to save settings again to force a re-render.