Poll: Which name do you prefer?

Hey everybody! As the project has grown, I’ve been thinking about the name. In the grand scheme of things it shouldn’t matter, but as the earliest users of the site I’d love your opinion:

Thinking about you use and talk about the site/tool, which of these names would you prefer?

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Thanks for the responses, folks! Not sure where we’ll go with this, just testing the waters right now. “Tap list” is fairly generic (not easily googled, etc) so curious how another name would feel.

@mikey - I agree with you, tap list is a good name but if you are trying to grow your business and eventually offer some paid packages I would think of a more unique name for SEO purposes. I really like what you are doing here and have been following you for awhile so I am going to give this a bit of thought! I’ll post my ideas here in case you want to use any of them :smile:

Thanks for your thoughts! Yeah, it’s one of those things where I really don’t want to rename anything, but if it’s something I’ll end up wanting to do eventually, better to get it done with sooner… Still quite undecided though!

I actually think from a marketing perspective, taplist.io is perfect. You state exactly what you do. It’s one of the reasons we found you. But I think your brand is certainly “taplist.io” in its entirety, vs just “taplist”. Join.Me and bit.ly are a few other domain-as-brand kind of services, and it works splendidly for them.

Thanks Melissa! That’s great feedback to have.

The people have spoken! We’ll stay Taplist.io.