Plaato Keg Auth Token Not Working


I’ve had 4 Plaato Kegs hooked up to Taplist for the last year and they have worked flawlessly. Recently 2 of them quit working so I did a hard reset to them and set them up again. Now they are both working fine again, but when I added them to Taplist again with their authorization codes, one them comes up saying that its authorization code is not valid. The other on connected fine. I checked and double checked that the code is correct. I don’t know if this is a Taplist issue or Plaato issue. Can you possibly help with this? Thanks!

Hey, sorry for the slow response (as a customer you can also feel free to hit us up at support@, which can be faster).

So generally when we report “Not valid” (or similar variation), it means Plaato’s API rejected the key. Unfortunately, unless it’s a simple copy/paste error, there’s little we can do. You’ll have to reach out to Plaato to get it debugged/replaced.

I’ve heard they can sometimes be slow to respond, so if you’d like, email us at support@ with the key and we can confirm the error you’re experiencing is on their side.

Sorry it took a month to get back to you, but I did finally hear back from Plaato and ended up just re-entering tokens and things working again. Thanks!

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Glad to hear it, thanks for the closure!