Plaato Keg API support

David Heath Preview Video

The elephant in the room is integration?

I have 7 PK’s on the way: 6 for kegs & 1 for the Co2 tank.



I’m excited! And happy to report there is no elephant involved :).

Given my history building kegbot, it was important to design the platform from the outset to support third-party measurement systems. Data models, API, and artwork are all level-aware - and I’m happy to say at last one person has beta tested the support (Joe you may reveal yourself if you like :wink:

For Plaato specifically, I’d be surprised if it takes more than an hour’s work to bridge the gap from their webhook reporting interface. I slept on the kickstarter (oops) so when someone has one to test, please let me know! cheers…


That sounds great! I’m a Plaato backer and this sounds perfect! I’ll be happy to test once I have them in hand.

Well, I got my keg monitors. Will be setting up shortly. Excited to work on integration with

Rad! I reached out to @paal at Plaato last week looking for their dev docs and sharing our application note on integrating measurement. I haven’t gotten much back (except an ack!), so if you stumble upon anything, let us know here.

Very excited! Four Plaato Kegs on the way (on the boat from China)!

Is there as of yet any integration between Plaato keg and Taplist?

We are just waiting on API docs from Plaato! If you own one, it probably couldn’t hurt to register your interest with them (give 'em a shout on Instagram or wherever…)

Any update on the integration?

Still waiting on an API; @GorgeousGeorge has been great at pinging them on Instagram - keep it up!

Maybe we’re in business:

Plaato API link

I’ve already emailed Plaato support to get my Auth_tokens needed for @brewfather integration so I’m assuming we’ll need them for the Taplist also?


I’ve ordered six Plaato Keg units and am waiting for delivery (apparently the coronavirus outbreak has caused shipping delays from China).

I’ve reached out to Plaato and asked about integration and APIs, and will be willing to help however I can to get them integrated. I am tech-savvy, but not a programmer.

I received my auth tokens from Michael Kononsky and entered them in @brewfatherapp and it works but only on the phone app. Hopefully this is a step in the right direction.

Good news, folks: Support for Plaato is now available in beta! See the thread there for instructions & limitations.

Kudos to @GorgeousGeorge for help making this possible!