Plaato Keg and beer glassware/keg illustration

Wouldn’t it be cool to show the glassware/keg illustration as i.e. half full when the keg is @50%?
Also the latest reported temperature, would be nice as a display option.

I suspect this is already implemented, but I can’t get it to work, and can’t find any pointers on the forum to how.

Hi Are! I’m sorry for the confusion: While keg levels do adjust to the Plaato readings, glassware does not. We’ve had this request before so you’re not alone - the last time we tried, we weren’t really happy with how the glass images looked. But maybe it’s time for another attempt.

For temperatures - most themes should have a “show sensor data” option you can click on. That will cause the last reported temperature to be displayed.

Thanks for the clarification. I tested the keg visual, and that works great. I can however not find the show sensor data item under options in any of the themes.