PLAATO abandoning their homebrew products

I know this just came out. But with PLAATO abandoning/discontinuing there homebrew PLAATO products. What will happen with members that have integrated PLAATO keg into their taplist. Do we need to start looking into other keg management systems?


Don’t say that, I’ve just bought some Plaato Kegs.

They announced it on there instagram and Facebook by Nov 2025 that’s it

Just got 5 of them delivered this afternoon. Packaged but up and have been drop off at the Post office to be returned.

My excitement was very short lived!

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Yeah this really sucks. I have 4 of them and just got everything set up this time last year. They’ve been working great since then. The only other current integration appears to be Kegtron Pro, with a 4-keg unit costing $740 + cloud subscription which for me would be $43 per year.

The only hope would be Plaato allowing the app to be self-hosted and providing documentation or somehow making it open-source. I’m not holding my breath.


I will reach out to our contacts at Plaato about whether we ( could help open source & support the firmware.

I actually approached them at CBC suggesting something like this and they seemed warm to the idea. Time to follow up!


I hope so……if not these things are just a big paper weight then

This might be something for the future also!

For someone who has 8 of these keg scales in my keezer, I’m pulling for you to convince them to help open source their firmware. I reached out to them as well. A snippet of their response:
“We never expected the outstanding support to help find a solution and the numerous requests to tackle this challenge—it has not gone unnoticed. We recognize that we should have involved the community sooner, and are deeply sorry about this. We are exploring options to engage the great minds within our community to collaborate. Hopefully, a solution can be found that will extend the life of our products with many more years. You have already given us valuable feedback and input on this, and we hope that you will continue to do so.
Right now, we ask for your patience to prove that we care and to figure out a way ahead. If you want to get engaged in this work, don’t hesitate to get in touch.“

I understand discontinuing a product to focus on other paths, but consider keeping up on the app firmware so that the people who have purchased the product can continue to use with no issues, instead of rendering everything useless. I imagine the cost would not be that much. Anything could do would be greatly appreciated!

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Please let us know as soon as you see a way forward. I’m sure I’m not the only one looking to go all-in on the PLAATO Keg at this point. This decision is time sensitive. My sole interest is in integrating the PLAATO Keg with

Thanks @wbn ! (And it’s great to see you back here.)

I’m in touch with the Plaato folks & let them know we’re very willing to help. The option I’m most excited about is supporting/financing some sort of open source firmware & related support. Think “DD-WRT for kegs” or something. But, I don’t know yet if this is the path they want to go down, so we’ll just stay tuned in + available for a bit.

My guess is regardless of that, someone else will step in and either take a fresh stab at this market, or make an unsanctioned firmware (like the marcyoung experiment @316097 posted).

One cool thing is that all of this has potential to make the integration better. Behind the scenes, we rely on polling the plaato cloud API, meaning updates can sometimes take minutes to show up on your menu. A direct API could be must more responsive.