Pints! Can we have pints please

Would it be possible to have a pints left option? Here in the UK a pints left in the keg is the only unit of measure we are interested in.

Many Thanks.

I think we can make that happen!

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This is now available, enjoy! :beers:


Working brilliantly!

Thanks. :grinning:


Awesome!! Thanks for adding this :blush:

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When you have pints selected and add a can or bottle, it displays NaN pints.

Ah looks like that’s been a bug for a while, fixed! (You may need to make any change that updates your menu, for it to take effect.)

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Great that this feature has been added however a full Corny keg is showing as 40 pints. As I understand it a corny keg holds 5 US gallons which is 4.16 imperial (uk) gallons , 19litres, 33.4 pints?

Any news on this, pints are still showing inaccurately for me?

Ah, sorry, must have missed your original reply.

Looks like this is from an american-ism: When you select “Pints”, we show in US pints (16 us fluid oz), not imperial pints (20 imperial fluid oz).

We can get this fixed. I’m looking into whether we can add a location-wide toggle, similar to where we already have location-specific settings for timezone and temperature units.

If you do fix this, please do it via a location-wide toggle!

Thanks @mikey for the response, I guessed it must be related to different worldwide measures and was aware of there being different gallons but didn’t realise there was such a thing as a US pint vs an Imperial pint. Every day is a school day!

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Coming in way late to this @mikey but this is one of the best feature updates in a while. LOVE this!!!

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Still stuck on the small US pints.

@mikey can you just not have a UK/US option in this drop down?